Advanced App Store Search Term Analytics

Accurate intelligence about everything Apple users are searching for and how every App is getting discovered.

Track any iOS App or Search Term in real-time, with actionable insights powered by Deep Learning.

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Advanced App Store Search Intelligence

Quickly see which search terms are trending and how their popularity has changed over time. Analyze and compare the search terms most relevant to your app. Discover new trends and under-valued search terms, to exploit opportunities for exposure.

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Discover how customers find your app

Instantly see which search terms are contributing to your exposure on the App Store. Understand the drivers of traffic to your app, plan your search strategy and target your advertising investment.

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Know your App Store Battleground

Success often means dominating a particular niche on the App Store. Who is competing with you for search exposure, and where is their traffic coming from? Know how your competitors are being found in search, and identify opportunities to compete and win.

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Leverage Deep Learning

ChartRank uses Deep Learning and other advanced analytical techniques, to interpret user behaviors and give you actionable insights and recommendations.

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Set up your App Store Surveillance

Get a daily report on your niche in the App Store. Effortlessly see how your app is performing, and get notified when new players enter your space.

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The Apple Experts

We focus absolutely on the Apple App Store, so you know you are getting the highest quality, most focused analytics and insights available.

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ChartRank really helped us to position our App on the App Store and was a crucial tool in our release strategy. It was a huge part of our success.
- Amy Hunter - Chief Marketing Officer, West Beach Studios
We used ChartRank to understand where we were going wrong on the App Store - we found opportunities to dominate some huge search terms we never knew were important. Now we've climbed right up the charts!
- Greg Kimpton - CEO, Moving Apps
ChartRank is my App Store Spy. I get notified if another App is launched in my niche, and I can instantly analyze them to see how they are getting noticed on the App Store.
- Laura Bell - Serial App Entrepeneur

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